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ANSI B 16.5 slip on flange dimensions

Slip On Flanges are the industrial mechanisms which are generally slipped over the pipes Slip on Pipe flanges are available in two forms which are raised and flat faced Metleader Pipeline is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of wide range of SORF Fla more >>

Carbon steel ASME B16.5 Socket Weld flange

Carbon steel ASME B16 5 Socket Weld flange is a kind of flanges, the material is carbon steel and connection type is socket weld One size of socket weld flange is welded with steel pipes the other side is connected through bolts more >>

ANSI 150 slip on flange dimensions

Slip on flange dimensions refers to in ANSI B16 5 which involves pipe flanges and flanged fittings for size 1 2 inch to 24 inch for above size 26 inch to 60 inch it should be according to ANSI B16 47 All dimensions of flange include outside & inside dia more >>

concentric reducer vs eccentric reducer

What are the differences and similarities between concentric reducer and eccentric reducer? Online explanation: "Pipeline gas medium will produce liquid, liquid medium will produce gas, concentric reducer and eccentric reducer is different in both have more >>

Carbon steel pipe specifications

Carbon steel pipe commonly material standard is ASTM A106 Gr A B C and A53 Gr A B C Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Inc has many stocks of carbon steel pipesall the year round We can delivery in short time to meet customers’ request more >>

Precautions for hot-dip galvanized steel pipe for firefighting

In automatic sprinkler systems, when dn ≤ 80 and using a threaded connection, the minimum pipe wall serial number requirements for sch40 steel pipe, and the thin wall and ordinary steel pipe wall is thinner, more >>

Carbon steel ANSI B16.5 weld neck flange

Carbon steel ANSI B16 5 weld neck flange is widely used in pipeline network to connect various pipe assemblies, such as valves, special goods and connecting equipment They are usually made from forging In a few cases, it can be made of steel plates more >>

schedule 10 stainless steel pipe

schedule 10 stainless steel pipe, tubes and fittings Round stainless steel tubes and tubes can be supplied as welded and seamless products more >>

how to weld on flange fittings

Welding flanges are the interconnected parts of the pipe and the pipe and are connected to the pipe ends There are holes in the welding flange and the bolts tighten the two flanges more >>

Stainless steel ASME B16.5 lap joint flange

Lap joint flange features: Lap joint flange is the use of flanges, steel rings, etc , to put the flange on the pipe end, the flange can move on the pipe end Steel rings or flanges are the sealing surfaces and flanges are used to compress them more >>

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