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how to weld on flange fittings

Welding flanges are the interconnected parts of the pipe and the pipe and are connected to the pipe ends. There are holes in the welding flange and the bolts tighten the two flanges. Interspaced with a gasket. The welding flange is a disc-shaped part that is most common in pipeline engineering.
how to weld on flange fittings
Flange and pipe link:
Flange connection means that two pipes, fittings or equipment are first fixed on one welding. Between the two weldings, a flange gasket was added and bolted together to complete the connection. Welding is an important connection method for high-pressure pipeline construction. Welding flanges are easy to use and can withstand large pressures. Welding flanges are widely used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas, power stations, metallurgical pipelines and other fields.

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