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Reducing Tee Manufacture

As a professional reducing tee manufacturer, we totally guarantee our quality by the following important steps more >>

Forging Steel Pipe Tee

It’s a good new that the customer from Thailand is satisfied with the product of forging steel pipe tee which was exported before the China lunar new year, including the high quality, strong packaging of the product and the delivery time more >>

Performance and Application of JIS B2311 Carbon steel concentric reducer

JIS B2311 Carbon steel concentric reducer is also called the size of the head, both ends of the pipe mouth diameter, used to connect different diameters of the pipe or flange to change diameter The two ends of the concentric reducer pipe more >>

Carbon Steel Reducing Tee Manufacture

There are many carbon steel reducing tee manufacturers in China, why many clients choose us for cooperation at last? more >>

How to Made Flanges

Our company professionally produce carbon steel flange, forged flange, pipe flange Our flanges are produced with forged processing according to different material grade The size is from 1 2 to 60 inch, the type includes WN, SO, BL, PL, Thread, and SW more >>

Butt Weld Blind Flange

Butt Weld Blind FlangeButt weld Blind flange, some also known as pipe block It is a flange with no hole in t more >>

Raised Face Weld Neck Flange

Raised face weld neck Flange is a kind of pipe fittings, refers to the neck and has a circular tube transition and the pipe to weld the flange more >>

Different faces of slip on flange

We are a 36 years old manufacturer of all kinds of flanges, which exported flange and pipefitting products since 2008 Raised face slip on flange is a very hot sale product this year In our company, the stable product quality is the most important thing more >>

8 inch steel pipe cap manufacturer

Steel cap, usually used for sealing the pipe, its useage same as head plug more >>

How to ensure the quality of 30 degree pipe bend

We are a manufacturer in China, which is mainly export all kinds of pipefittings and flanges Today, let’s talk about How to ensure the quality of 30 degree pipe bend, which is the most concern of clients If you want to buy this product, please read more >>

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