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Reducing tee size chart

Reducing tee is one type of butt weld pipe fitting The size of body is bigger than branch The raw material is commonly carbon steel ASTM A234 WPB the size is from 1 2 inch to 24 inch for seamless, above 24 inch is usually weld more >>

Ansi b16.5 socket weld flange 698 piece finish

Ansi b16 5 socket weld flange 698 piece has been finished the day before yesterday The Socket welding flange is often used in pn≤10 0mpa,dn≤80 pipe, socket flange is characterized by small rigidity, socket flange suitable for low pressure temperature more >>

What are the differences between socket weld flange and weld neck flange?

The socket weld flange is the flange one end connect to the pipe and the other end with bolted connection Weld neck flange is one kind of pipe fitting, which refers to a flange with a neck and a round pipe that is connected to the pipe more >>

How to weld socket weld flange?

Socket welding flange connection is an important connection method for pipeline construction Flange connection means that two pipes, fittings or equipment are first fixed on a flange more >>

China Socket Weld Flange Export to Egypt

Since the first China socket weld flange export to Egypt in 2001, we explored Egypt market So Now we have several Egypt large buyer customers As a professional manufacturer in china, we insist on flange produce for more than 36 years more >>

Different long weld neck flange and weld neck flange

Hot saled products weld neck flange, different long weld neck flange and weld neck flange As a flange manufacturer more than 36 years, we promise to provide high quality product with available price more >>

welding neck flanges din 2633

welding neck flanges din 2633 is one of standard welding neck flanges The welding neck flange wall thickness of the welded flange are the same as those of the pipe to be welded, and the two pipes are welded together more >>

May 28 finish welding neck flanges 900 lbs of Malaysia customer

Welding neck flange, is one kind of pipe fittings, because of its characteristic, it has been widely used in many areas In all of our flanges, welding neck flange is also the most welcomed by clients more >>

Ansi socket weld flange dimensions

Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Inc as a professional supplier, exporter and manufacturer of flanges and pipe fittings specialized in supply socket weld flange Our socket weld flanges have good quality and moderate price exported to many countries more >>

What is weld neck flange 300#?

Weld neck flange has a long conical hub, often used in high pressure applications The sealing surface of the welding neck flange is RF (raised face), FF(flat face) and ring joint (RTJ) It is very important to specify the planned pipeline that is being u more >>

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