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Seamless 180° carbon steel elbow

Metleader supplies real seamless 180° carbon steel elbow and seam 180° carbon steel In strict accordance with the ISO 2008 international Quality Management system certification for production, and strict product quality management model to promote more >>

ANSI B16.9 180 degree carbon steel elbow 24 inch

ANSI B16 9 180 degree carbon steel elbow 24 inch, 180 deg carbon steel elbow Description: Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Inc specially supply ANSI B16 9 180 deg carbon steel elbow The material is ASTM A234 WPB, the size is 24” more >>

customer send me 180 degree carbon steel elbow construction effect chart

:During more than 36 years, best quality and customer satisfaction is always the mots important items which we valued more >>

What is RF slip on flange?

Metleader pipeline inc is a profession manufacture and exporter of all kinds of flanges, made of carbon steel and stainless steel So What is RF slip on flange? It is a widely used slip on flange, and its surface is RF, which is the abbreviation of raised more >>

What is the use of slip on flanges?

Sliding on the flange is preferred by some contractors in the slip on because of the lower initial cost However, this can be offset by the additional cost of the two fillet welds required for proper installation The strength of the slip-on flange more >>

Carbon steel slip on flange made in china

China s carbon steel pipe fittings account for a large proportion of international pipe fittings Among them, carbon steel slip on flange made in China is an important part more >>

How to use slip on flange?

As a flange manufacture for 36 years, we will How to use slip on flange Slip on flange in the actual production and development of the use of different methods and processes for the production and production, according to the method and principle of the more >>

What's the advantage of using slip on flanges?

Metleader Inc is a professional manufacturer of carbon steel flange with many years production and exporting experience more than 36 years Specially slip on flange has been exported to many countries and areas which is our superior product, no matter th more >>

Forged carbon steel raised face Slip-On Flanges

We produce forged carbon steel raised face slip-on flanges for almost 37 years This kind of flange is the most popular flange We also manufacture other types, such as welding neck flange, flat flange, ring flange, socket flange, threaded flange and blin more >>

Mild steel pipe fittings

Mild steel pipe fittings is a kind of carbon steel pipe fittings Mild steel is a kind of Low-carbon Steel ,which carbon steel less than 0 25%, because of its low strength, low hardness and soft, it is also called soft steels more >>

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