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Mild steel pipe fittings

Mild steel pipe fittings is a kind of carbon steel pipe fittings. Mild steel is a kind of low-carbon steel ,which carbon steel less than 0.25%, because of its low strength, low hardness and soft, it is also called soft steels.
Mechanical properties of low carbon steel
Low carbon steel is tough material. The stress-strain curve can be divided into four stages: elastic stage, yield stage, strengthening stage and local deformation stage. There are obvious yielding and necking phenomena in the local deformation stage. At the beginning, it is an elastic stage, and it rises along a straight line in full compliance with Hooke's law. After the proportional limit, the deformation accelerates, but there is no obvious yield stage.
Mild steel pipe fittings
It includes most common carbon structural steels and some high-quality carbon structural steels, mostly without heat treatment for engineering structural parts, and some carburizing and other heat treatment to require wear-resistant mechanical parts. The annealing micro-structure of low carbon steel is ferrite and a small amount of pearlite, with lower strength and hardness and better plasticity and toughness. Therefore, its cold forming is good, can adopt the method of curling, bending, stamping and so on cold forming. This kind of steel also has good weld-ability. Carbon content from 0.1% to 0.3% , mild steel is easy to accept a variety of processing such as forging, welding and cutting, often used to make chains, rivets, bolts, shafts and so on.
Mild steel pipe fittings
Classification of carbon steels:
1.Low carbon steel-mild steel (aisi1005~1026) is 0.06%~0.28%, manganese content is 0.25%~1%, phosphorus content is not more than 0.04%, sulfur content is not more than 0.05%.
2.Carbon steel (aisi1029~1053) is 0.25%~0.55%, manganese content is 0.30%~1.00%, phosphorus content is not more than 0.04%, sulfur content is not more than 0.05%.
3.High carbon steel (aisi1055~1095) is 0.60%~1.03%, manganese content is 0.30%~0.90%, phosphorus content is not more than 0.04%, sulfur content is not more than 0.05%.
Low carbon steel is used to produce pipe fittings and is widely used in pipeline engineering. Mild steel pipe fittings products, its advantages are very many, good toughness, low price, long service life, welcomed by domestic and foreign customers.

New use
Because of the inherent characteristics of low-carbon steel, its application scope was greatly limited. With the application of some new technologies in the steel industry, many new uses of low-carbon steel have been well developed and utilized. At present, some large-scale steel plants or steel trading companies in China are actively close to the large-scale sling enterprises in China. Cooperation, jointly developed a series of high-tech, high-precision and high-quality rigging products, in the domestic and global rigging industry, played a very good role in promoting technology. This also shows us a new way for the comprehensive utilization of low carbon steel.

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