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classification of Carbon steel pipe fittings

When the pipeline needs to be connected, branched, turned, and reduced in diameter, it needs to be solved by pipe fittings, and different pipe fittings need to be used for different pipelines Commonly used carbon steel pipe fittings include carbon steel more >>

Concentric Reducer Supplier

Our company mainly produces AMSE, DIN, GOST, JIS pipefittings, such as export steel reducer, including carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel concentric reducer and eccentric reducer As a 36 production experience of the eccentric reducer and concentr more >>

keeping counterfeits out of the supply chain of carbon steel pipe fittings

Counterfeit products are increasingly finding their way into the carbon steel pipe fittings supply chain, which cost potentially devastating consequences for safety of the economy and the environment How to further mitigate the manufacture and use of more >>

The epoxy coating of steel pipes and fittings

Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Inc specially supply epoxy steel pipes and fittings The epoxy pipes and fittings generally used for the pipe lines of wastewater treatment, fresh water, water sump etc Recently many customers inquired us about it more >>

Carbon steel equal tee Customer inspection

Carbon steel equal tee Customer inspectionOn July 2, 2018, we received the carbon steel equal tee customer inspec more >>

Send carbon steel plate flanges

We has finish carbon steel plate flanges today we will send to port Metleader flange company is manufacturing welded elbows, flanges, fittings skilled makers, from shaping, heat treatment, machining, physical and chemical testing, surface treatment and more >>

Carbon steel buttweld fittings

carbon steel buttweld fittings supplies a wide selection of butt weld fittings including carbon, stainless, chrome moly, high-yield, and aluminum What are the benefits of Butt Welded Fittings? more >>

New customer placed an order about pipe fittings and flanges

Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Inc received one new order about pipe fittings and flanges from new customer after making the effort to discuss all details with the customer It is very important beginning for us because the market of this customer more >>

Long radius elbow

Long radius elbows are the most commonly used, and the default is also a long radius elbow Long-radius elbows are generally used in places with high pressure or high flow rate, and larger elbows are required if the resistance of the solid conveying pipe more >>

Processing technology of Stamping elbow

Stamping elbow processing is the use of conventional or special stamping equipment power, make the sheet in the mold directly under the deformation force and deformation, so as to obtain a certain shape, size and performance of the product parts of the pr more >>

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