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Keeping counterfeits out of the supply chain of carbon steel pipe fittings

Nowadays, when economy is developing fastly, carbon steel pipe fittings
are needed much in the urban Construction, meanwhile, Fake and shoddy products is an prominent issue , particularly in the oil & gas industry where an increase in activity in a costconstrained business has resulted in end users looking to source cheaper, good quality products from low-cost suppliers and countries.But Today, when the market competition is fierce, the price of carbon steel pipe fittings is almost transparent, and the suppliers of profiteering do not exist. But in our sales, still there are some clients said that: Oh, your price is much more higher, i have very cheap price in hand. For example, for one lot of carbon steel pipe fittings A234WPB SCH 40, when we supply the final price usd 220,000 FOB Tianjin Port, some other suppliers give the offer usd 180,000 FOB Tianjin Port, when the price of raw material is nearly the same, and all of us produced by same process, how can be price differ so much? Maybe you will say, you add more profit than your competitors, that is why caused the difference. But you know, we have been in this area for more than 36 years, we are not so stupid to add more profit to lose a good cooperation chance, and we have been on the market with full experience, we know what price is suitable for the market. We insist on making quality products and will not maliciously drive down prices to compete, and always pursue long term cooperation relationship with our clients.
 carbon steel pipe fittings
How to reduce and control the counterfeit and shoddy products that exist in the market?
1. For suppliers, we must resolutely resist malicious suppression of prices, malicious competition, and maintain a good order in the carbon steel pipe sales market.
2. For purchasing, don't blindly pursue the lowest price. Based on your long-term purchasing experience, you get what you pay for. You should know what you want, don’t just price it, when the price is lowered, supplier can only reduce quality to ensure a balanced cost.
3. Choose the right and reliable suppliers, guarantee each other's profits, and win-win is the successful cooperation.
4. Select third-party testing to control quality. Although testing requires cost, in the long run, good quality products are more cost-effective.

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