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The epoxy coating of steel pipes and fittings

Epoxy coating steel pipes and fittings mean Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating steel pipes and fittings. The FBE epoxy coating steel pipes and fittings are widely used in pipe systems to transport oil, gas, water and other fluids.They have strong chemical corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, harmful environment and so on.
What are the types of FEB epoxy coating pipes and fittings?
It developed in the 1950s and industrialized in the 1960s.There are two types of FBE coating steel pipes and fittings: one layer and two layers.It is recommended to apply the FBE double layer coating pipes and fittings to the offshore pipeline and the pipeline system running in bad environment. It has high impact resistance and flexibility. Provide adequate protection for coatings during transportation and construction.
FBE monolayer coating pipes and fittings are the general type of FBE coating steel pipe and fitting. It provides a rough, non-skid surface for pipes that need concrete coating.A special type of fused epoxy powder, mixed with solid epoxy resin and other adhesive materials, that helps to adhere to the surface of the pipe.
epoxy coating of steel pipes and fittings
What are the advantages and disadvantages of FEB epoxy coating pipes and fittings?
1.They are very convenient to be sprayed, no pollution, high temperature resistance (to 40 ° C to 85 ° C).
2.High strength and bending resistance;
3.Strong adhesion, integrity, resistance to soil pressure and abrasion resistance.
4.FBE coating steel pipes and fitting are usually buried in soil and underwater - temperature between 40 ~ 85 ℃.
5.The disadvantage of FBE pipes and fittings is that they have no good resistance to mechanical properties and moist conditions.
Actually FEB epoxy steel pipes and fittings have all features and advantages of black painting and galvanized steel pipes and fittings. They also have the added advantages of epoxy coating pipes and fittings, which can increase the corrosion resistance of the pipelines.

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