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Long radius elbow

Long radius elbows are the most commonly used, and the default is also a long radius elbow. Long-radius elbows are generally used in places with high pressure or high flow rate, and larger elbows are required if the resistance of the solid conveying pipe is strict. Short radius elbows are typically used in low pressure fluids or where installation is limited. Long-radius elbows are generally used if there are no restrictions or no special instructions. 
long radius elbow
When talk about carbon steel long radius elbows, Our hometown Cangzhou City, Hebei Province is the origin of carbon steel pipe fittings, and our factory is located in the city. We are a professional manufacturer and supplier in carbon steel pipe fittings, have been in this area for more than 36 years, with full experience in carbon steel pipe fittings production and exporting. We have cooperated with State Grid, Simens and Petrochina, also we have exported our carbon steel pipe fittings, include carbon steel long radious elbows to more than 20 countries and areas. We can’t guarantee our price is the lowest, but we guarantee our quality is best. SGS and Pony company have cooperated with our factory for more than 6 years, welcome to contact with us for carbon steel pipe fittings order, you will be satisfied with our quality and price, also the service.

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