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Carbon Steel A234 WPB Pipe Elbow Packing

Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Inc carbon steel pipe fitting specialist Our carbon steel pipe elbow has been exported to many countries and areas such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar etc Welcome your inquiry at any time more >>

Carbon steel bend defect and water pressure experiment

Carbon steel elbow defect and hydraulic pressure test The presence of elbow defects can have a significant negative impact on the quality of bent pipe fittings more >>

What is Seamless Steel Tee

A tee is a pipe that is used to branch a pipe For the use of seamless pipe manufacturing three-way, the current commonly used technology has hydraulic bulging and hot forming two more >>

The service life of stainless steel elbow

As a manufacturer of stainless steel elbows, we provide the longest life products for our production purpose For example, for 2 inch stainless steel elbow, the life of my products should be at least one to three years longer than the standard, in order t more >>

How Carbon Steel Flanges Work

Cast flange, rough shape, accurate size, small amount of processing, low cost, but casting defects (stomatal) Cracks (inclusions) The shape of the internal structure of the casting is not good (if cutting, the streamline is worse); more >>

Where to buy stainless steel pipe fittings

Where to buy stainless steel pipe fittings? Please choosing Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Inc certificated by ISO and CE systems We are leading manufacturer of pipe fittings, specialist of butt weld pipe fittings with more than 36 years producti more >>

How to calculate 90 degree elbow dimensions

All elbow products are produced under the standard requirements Our company only produces up to standard products Now, let’s talk about How to calculate 90 degree elbow dimensions Such as 10 inch 90 degree elbow dimensions, when we have the chart, ho more >>

how to weld on flange fittings

How to weld on flange fittings,first of all, it is necessary to prepare welding tools and perform different requirements of welding according to the different welded steel pipes or pipe fittings The main flange welding process is as follows: more >>

High pressure steel pipe fittings

Our company supplies high quality high pressure steel pipe fittings, high pressure flanges and pipes High-pressure steel pipe fittings are widely used in industrial pipelines, because it’s easy to install but can withstand greater pressure more >>

Galvanized Reducing Tee

We are a factory who export galvanized reducing tee to oversee countries What we always insist on is the stable quality From material to finished products, our process are strictly produced according to the ISO and CE requirements more >>

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