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concentric reducer vs eccentric reducer

What are the differences and similarities between concentric reducer and eccentric reducer? Online explanation: "Pipeline gas medium will produce liquid, liquid medium will produce gas, concentric reducer and eccentric reducer is different in both have reached the purpose of the change diameter, and the discharge of liquid or gas purposes." According to your technical requirements to select the direction of the liquid or gas to select concentric reducer and eccentric reducer.
“ First of all, the combination of the two is: variable diameter, is from one specification to another specification requirements. However, because of different environment and medium, concentric and eccentric, like a ball seat.
concentric reducer vs eccentric reducer
Concentric reducer can not be said, eccentric reducer said below:
1, the accumulation of gas pipelines, because the gas in the pipeline can accumulate upward, so must use the top flat eccentric tube, to prevent gas can not be excluded; 2, some impurities or effusion sank to the pipe, so must be used to the bottom of the flat, prevent accumulation can not be excluded
Because it is a variable diameter, it is certainly used where the specification changes are required, otherwise you may not even be able to;
However, there is no limit to the use of concentric reducer, the eccentric reducer is generally set on the pump equipment, specific view. One is not to say that the diameter of the pipe changes. Eccentricity is divided into top and bottom flat. The liquid pipeline generally uses the top flat, prevents the pipeline to accompany accumulates the gas. The bottom plate is generally used in gas pipelines to prevent pipe buildup and to prevent accumulation of impurities.
The imported top plane pump is designed to prevent cavitation.

The use of various fields of reducer
A, coal mining, the application of coal industry
(1) Mining: mining, concentrate and tailings filler transport to pipe wear and tear, the use of Panzhihua ore powder conveying pipelines, Daye mine service life of less than one year, increase pipe can shorten the service life.
(2) Coal: Coal preparation and long-distance pipeline wet method is widely used in coal transportation, requires the pipeline has the wear resistance and corrosion resistance, the use of pipelines can be used as long pipe, economic benefits are considerable.
Second, the application of metallurgy and electric power industry Every year to transport pulverized coal, metallurgy, power industry ashes, mud and lime gypsum slurry, the cost of a large number of metal tubes. Replacing other pipes with ceramic tubes has high abrasion resistance, long service life, convenient installation and remarkable economic benefits.

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