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Carbon steel A234 WPB pipe elbow packing

Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Inc. is a professional manufacturer of carbon steel pipe fitting, specially carbon steel A234 WPB pipe elbow specialist. In the middle of this month, our carbon steel pipe elbow exported to Indonesia. This customer purchased from other supplier before cooperated with us, but because each time they deliveried the cargos with very bad package in order to reduce the cost the customer stopped placing orders to them.
Actually package just only take a small part in the cost, but it is really the face of commodities. Once the package damaged during the transportation which not only bring loss to customer but also influence the image of products. No matter how good the quality of products, no perfect package will lose good value. Metleader as a reliable supplier of carbon steel pipe fitting, we always choose the best package to protect all cargos deliveried to cutomers perfectly.
Carbon steel A234 WPB pipe elbow packing
Generally the packages of butt weld steel pipe elbow are plywood pallet and case. Plywood pallet is used for the size above 12 inch and plywood case suitable for below 12 inch. Our all packages usually choosing the best plywood to made which primely guarantee the packages are strong. At present we recommend our customer carbon to pack small size fittings 1/2 inch to 2 inch. Putting the cartons on the plywood pallet then wrapped with thin film, this way will be easy to take out small size cargos when unloaded.

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