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What is straight seam steel pipe?

Straight seam steel pipe is called welded pipe, which means welded steel pipe. This kind of steel pipe is made by rolling steel plate or strip steel through large equipment. Its technology is very simple and the production efficiency is very high, of which the specifications of the straight welded pipe is more, the current ability to produce straight welded pipe equipment is relatively few. With the development of socialism, the direct welded pipe has replaced the high price seamless steel pipe.
Carbon steel straight seam pipe equipments
Straight pipe diameter range
1. Diameter range of large straight seam steel pipe
The specifications of large straight slit steel tubes are basically above 219mm, and the wall thickness is basically above 5mm. At present, the maximum diameter
ofdouble weld can reach 2020mm, and the maximum diameter of single weld can reach 1220mm.
2. Small-caliber straight seam steel pipe diameter range
The minimum diameter of the welded pipe can basically reach four pipes
withthe diameter of about 20mm.

Thickness of straight joint steel pipe
.The maximum thickness of the straight welded steel tube can be produced to 50mm. The pressure of the press is limited, and the pressure beyond 50mm cannot be reached.
2. Straight seam steel pipe can produce the thinnest to 8 mm, because the production of straight seam steel pipe, the first is to press out round plate, so the thickness
ofsteel plate is required, if steel sheet is too thin press pressure to fail, is to be able to pressure to the steel plate is too thin will also serious deformation, even press forming is ellipse, so straight seam steel pipe also can produce the thinnest to 8 mm, wall thickness less than 8 mm below are using volume tube, volume control USES a t-shaped welding, is a different a pieced together with straight seam
Carbon steel straight seam pipe
The differences between
seamless steel pipe and straight welded steel pipe
.Seamless tube is made of high quality carbon steel or alloy steel. Seamless pipe processing technology is divided into cold drawing and hot rolling, welded pipe is made by pressing and welding steel plate. The small ones are usually straight seam welds, while the large ones are usually spiral welds. Due to the weld of the welded pipe, the mechanical properties of the weld are poor, so its application range is limited, but the price is cheap. Joint pipes are generally welded.
2. Different USES: seamless pipe is mainly used as a pipe or structural part for conveying fluid, mainly used in the mechanical industry,
whilewelded pipe is mainly used in the construction industry, such as low-pressure fluid such as water, gas and compressed air. However, seamless tubes are used for pressure tubes.
3. Different prices: due to the complex production process of seamless steel tube, it is relatively expensive compared with welded steel tube.
Welded steel tube is mainly made of steel plate (steel strip), which is cheaper and more widely used.
Carbon steel straight seam pipe
Advantages of straight seam steel tubes
Straight joint steel pipe is a kind of welding technology which is opposite to spiral steel pipe.Due to the simple welding process and low welding cost, this kind of steel pipe can achieve higher efficiency in production, so it is quite common in the market. And it is more widely used products, so what are its advantages?
1. This kind of steel pipe is welded by the welding method parallel to the longitudinal of the steel pipe, and it is also widely used. For the same diameter and length, the welding length of straight welded steel pipe is much less, while the welding length of spiral steel pipe may increase by more than 30%.
Due to the technical reasons, the efficiency is relatively low and the output is quite low. However, for the same blank, it is generally possible to obtain products of various diameters by spiral welded tubes. In contrast, straight - seam steel
pipecan not achieve the effect of this welding.
2. Straight welded steel pipe is widely used in the market because of its unique characteristics. Due to the
low cost ofwelding process, and the use of forged steel, extrusion, rolling and drawing steel production process can be manufactured, and the specification is determined, so for a wide range of applications provide the possibility.

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