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Application of ecc reducer

The Eccentric reducer adds different elements in the actual production to carry out different functions and strengths. It is added by certain production standards and methods, and has certain performance in its use. The Eccentric reducer is characterized by the intensity being significantly higher than Carbon steel of the same carbon content has good toughness and plasticity as well as good weldability and corrosion resistance. In order to improve the performance of steel, other alloying elements such as silicon and manganese are added to the carbon steel. Chromium, nickel, tungsten, vanadium, titanium, etc., this steel is called alloy steel.
The Eccentric reducer has different properties according to the addition of alloying elements, such as high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, high magnetic properties, etc. The middle part of the eccentric reducer is the main pipe section, and the two ends are eccentric. Straight pipe section, there is an eccentric diameter reduction transition section between the main pipe section and the eccentric straight pipe section, eccentric reducer bottom line is straight line unchanged; the Eccentric reducer is prepared by using multiple sets of grading die, and directly performing eccentric reduction on the metal pipe First, the main pipe section is left in the middle of the whole metal pipe, and then according to the variable diameter angle requirement, multiple sets of grading die are used, and the eccentric reducer is processed by the method of the invention, and the whole eccentric reducer is used. There is no weld on the surface; the eccentric reducer is used as a special pipe for the corrosive liquid, which can prolong the service life of the eccentric reducer, especially as the outer casing of the underground eccentric water distributor, because there is no weld, it will not Corrosion cracking at the weld joint; flexible production process, can process arbitrarily large and small eccentric reducer of any diameter and eccentric straight pipe.
Application of ecc reducer
Pipes with different sizes of eccentric reducer are also different in different industries. In the power, mining, metallurgical and other industries, the transportation and output of materials are carried out at close range and high pressure. The pipeline is subjected to considerable pressure and is subject to severe wear. It is difficult to meet the requirements of this material. Requirements, especially elbows, eccentric reducer, stamping elbows, etc., due to their safety and service life, focus on improving the toughness, impact resistance, and wear resistance of the pipeline lining. Also consider the overall strength of the pipe and elbow.
Before bonding the eccentric reducer, apply a dry cloth to wipe the socket side and the outside of the socket.
When the surface is sticky with oil, wipe it with acetone. Note the following:
1. Control caliber: DIN standard, 3A/IDF standard, ISO standard;
2. International industrial standards: DIN, ISO, SMS, 3A, IDF, etc.;
3. Product materials: stainless steel 304, 316, 316L;

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