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Facing environmental regulation, raw materials reserve

China's strongest environmental protection period is coming. The weather is getting colder and colder. On November 15, most countries and regions in China will start heating. By then, the government will tighten the environmental protection control of factories. Our factories, suppliers and other partners will be affected to varying degrees. Although our factory has obtained the certificate of environmental protection, but from the experience of previous years, the production limit of pipe fittings may happen.
 Seamless steel tube raw material
With past years'experience, every green period, our carbon steel pipe production is in short supply, raw material procurement is also a big problem. This year, we have ordered three batches of seamless steel pipe raw materials in advance after the board's research approval. They are the common sizes of our customers, such as SCH40 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, etc. to meet the needs of most customers. Other thick-walled and other sizes are also in stock. Three links, elbows and small heads can deliver the goods on time and ensure the quality of products.
Seamless steel pipe raw materials are purchased in Tianjin Baolai, large seamless and other large factories, so the material sheet is complete, testing report is also included. But our technology, or according to the company's requirements, according to the system, the goods for material testing, non-destructive testing, wall thickness, caliber and other necessary testing. Then go through the warehousing procedures.
Seamless steel pipe guaranteed raw materials, you customers, if you have elbows, tees, size first carbon steel products, you can contact us. Seamless steel pipe is also our annual inventory, and alloy steel pipe and so on. Our factory guarantees the fastest delivery time, the most stringent product monitoring, and the delivery of the best quality products.
Inspection items of seamless steel pipe for raw materials:
Geometric size and shape inspection:
1. Steel tube wall thickness check: micrometer and ultrasonic thickness gauge, not less than 8 points at both ends and record.
2. Inspection of outer diameter and ellipticity of steel pipe: card gauge, vernier caliper and ring gauge.
3. Steel pipe length inspection: steel tape, manual and automatic length measurement.
4. Tube bending inspection: Straight ruler, horizontal ruler (1m), plug ruler, thin line to measure the bending per meter, full-length bending.
5. Inspection of groove angle and blunt edge of steel pipe end: angle ruler and card plate.
 Seamless steel tube raw material test
Steel pipe surface quality check: 100%
1. Artificial eye examination: lighting conditions, standards, experience, marking, and rotation of steel tubes.
2. Non-destructive testing: Ultrasonic testing UT: It is more sensitive to surface and internal crack defects of materials with uniform materials.

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