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The difference between pipe bend and elbow

The fundamental difference between them is that the elbow is relatively shorter than the bend, and R equals 1D to 2D, but the bend is more than 2D. In the production process, the cold bending machine can be used to bend through the existing straight bending machine.No secondary corrosion is required for a single finish.But the elbow needs to be customized by the manufacturer, to do anti-corrosion, long order cycle.The price of elbow is higher than pipe bend. But cost performance is much higher than bend. As is known to all, pipe bend is easy to be damaged without antiseptic treatment, but it is cheap, so it is very commonly in some projects with low engineering requirements.
The main differences as below:
1.Pipe bend is the general term for any deviation or change in direction in a pipe.This is a vague term that includes the elbow.
2.Elbow is an engineering term. They are classified as 90 degrees or 45 degrees, short or long radius.
3.Pipe elbows have industrial standards and are limited in size, bending radius and Angle.The Angle is usually 45 or 90 degrees. All other offsets are classified as pipe bends.
4.Bend is usually made or manufactured according to the requirements of the pipe. But the elbows are prefabricated and standard, and can be made ready.
5.A bend is not a sharp angle, but an elbow. Pipe bend limits the amount of pressure that can be allowed to thin out to safely hold the fluid to be contained.Since the corners are prefabricated, cast or butt welded, they can be as sharp as a right angle and return 180 degrees.
6.The elbow is standard, but the elbow is custom made.
7.Where the pipe is bent and does not involve welding, the pipe has less friction and flows more smoothly. In a bend, welding causes some friction.
8.All elbows are bend, but all bends are not elbows.
9.The radius of the bend is greater than the elbow.
10.Usually, the most basic difference is the radius of curvature.The radius of curvature of a bend is usually between one and two times the diameter of the pipe.The bending radius of curvature is more than twice the diameter.
Different elbows with 90, 45, 180 degree:
Different elbows with 90, 45, 180 degree

Pipe bend:
pipe bend

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