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What is the useage of the line pipe?

After a century of development, the pipelines of engineering pipelines have occupied a major position, especially in the gas pipeline industry. The development of engineering line pipe material technology and its construction process can achieve reasonable and economical pipeline engineering projects.
What is the useage of the line pipe?
Use of engineering line pipe:
(1) Water supply pipelines: including industrial water supply, domestic water supply, fire water supply and other pipelines
(2) Drainage pipe: including industrial sewage (waste water) domestic sewage, rainwater, groundwater reduction pipelines and open trenches.
(3) Power lines: including high-voltage transmission, high and low voltage distribution, production and electricity, and electric vehicles.
(4) Telecommunications lines: including city calls, long-distance calls, telegraphs; cable broadcast, cable TV and other lines.
(5) Heat pipes: including pipes such as steam and hot water.
(6) Combustible or combustion-supporting gas pipelines: including gas, B, oxygen and other pipelines.
(7) Air pipe: including fresh air, compressed air and other pipes.
(8) Ash slag pipeline: including pipelines such as sludge discharge, ash discharge, slagging, and tailings.
(9) Urban garbage transportation pipeline.
(10) Liquid fuel pipelines include pipelines such as petroleum and alcohol.
(11) Special pipelines for industrial production: mainly pipelines used in industrial production, such as chlorine pipelines, and pipelines for chemical industry.
(12) Railways: including railway lines, special lines, underground railways, light rail railways and station yards, and bridges and culverts.
(13) Roads: including urban roads (streets), roads, bridges, culverts, etc.
(14) Underground civil air defense lines: such as air-raid shelters and underground buildings.

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