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Differentces between welding neck flange and slip on flange

There are some difference between ANSI Stainless Steel Welding Neck Flange and ANSI Stainless Steel Slip On Flange:
1. Welding forms are differernt. Welding Neck Flange can be radiographed but slip on flanges can not. The form of welding betweent welding neck flange and pipe is circular weld , but the between slip on flange and pipe is fillet weld.
1. Materials are different. The Welding neck flange’s material is usually made of forged steel parts by machining. While the Slip On Flange’s material that conforms to the common requirements of the steel plate thickness and made by machining. 
welding neck flange slip on flange
2. Nominal pressures are different. The nominal pressure of the Welding neck flange is 1-25MPa, and the grade is higher. Nominal pressure of Slip On Flange is 0.6-4MPa grade, compared with the butt welding neck flange, the pressure level is relatively low, the ability to adapt to stress will be slightly lower.
4.Connection modes are different. Welding neck flange is usually flange butt with pipe, Slip On Flange is normally fillet with pipe, at this point is the biggest difference is on the structure. 
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