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Wear-resistant elbow

With the development of wear-resistant elbow technology, various kinds of plastic pipes can be provided for indoor heating system at present. The wear-resistant elbow pipe has the advantages of smooth inner wall, low resistance to heat medium flow, acid and alkali resistance, long service life and convenient installation. In recent years, wear-resistant elbows have been widely used in heating systems. As a new generation of heating pipe, wear-resistant elbows are gradually becoming the mainstream products in the heating market.  
Wear-resistant elbow
Advantages of Wear Resistant Elbows
1. Long-term pressure resistance, only from the point of design stress, the pressure resistance of wear-resistant elbow is good. However, due to various factors, the actual wall thickness of floor heating pipes is usually 2 mm. Under this wall thickness, all kinds of pipes can meet the requirements of floor heating, and the advantages of pressure resistance of wear-resistant elbow
pipecan not be reflected.
2. Thermal conductivity: Pipes for floor heating need good thermal conductivity.
3. Low-temperature heat shock resistance: PE-RT and PE-EX have better low-temperature impact resistance. In winter construction, the pipe is not easy to be impacted and ruptured, which increases the flexibility of construction arrangement.  
4. Environmental protection: PE-RT can be recycled without polluting the environment. However, PEX
can not be recycled, which will lead to secondary pollution.
5. Processing stability: PEX has some problems such as
controllingcrosslinking degree and crosslinking uniformity. Processing complexity and processing directly affect the performance of pipes.  
Wear-resistant elbow
Development Trend of Wear Resistant Elbow Pipe Material
Wear Resistant Elbow Material not only has qualified creep rupture curve, but also its pipe material price is moderate, construction is relatively convenient and fast compared with other varieties, the connection form belongs to the current stage of reliable standard interfusion hot melt connection, the hole diameter of the pipe parts is larger than the inner diameter of the same specification pipe, because there is no local shrinkage mechanical connection in the system. Connection mode, so the system fluid resistance is relatively small.

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