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Steel pipe inspection

Last week, the steel pipe exported to Saudi Arabia was completed, and our old customer Robot came to visit the factory and check the goods. The custom-made batch of straight seam steel pipes, specifications for 12 inch, std, 6 meters fixed size. The customer is satisfied with the goods. Robot has made our old friends, we are partners and grow together in the Saudi market. For all kinds of steel pipes he wants to purchase, we all give the best advice, the most authentic goods.
Steel pipe is a kind of product, which is not very difficult on the surface from technology to procurement. In fact, the steel pipe market is also more complex, for our customers, we must be clear about the quality,
typesand specifications of the steel pipe we want to purchase. Therefore, we aim at new and old customers, especially summarize some matters needing attention in purchasing.
 Steel pipe inspection
The purchasing of
straight seam steel pipe should pay attention to:
1. Purchasing requires understanding the types of steel pipes
A. By category: straight seam steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, spiral steel pipe, etc.
B. Classification of cross-section shapes of straight seam steel tubes: square tubes, rectangular tubes, elliptical tubes, elliptical tubes, semi-circular tubes, etc.
2. Acceptance and Inspection of Products
A. Steel pipe wall thickness is not enough to use gate means, the steel pipe mouth with a hammer shield looks thicker, but with
theinstrument measurement will reveal the original shape.
B. Use the straight seam as seamless steel pipe, the longitudinal seam is less than one longitudinal seam, and use the machine to polish the whole steel pipe once, commonly known as polishing, to see as seamless as there is no gap.
C. Now
thereis a more sophisticated means is seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe is also hot-expanded steel pipe. After the expansion, there is lead powder inside, and there are burning marks outside the weld can not be seen. Many larger steel pipes use this kind of pipe as seamless to sell, in order to seek large profits.
D. Ring welded straight seam steel pipe uses polishing to represent seamless steel pipe and straight seam steel pipe

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