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Introduction of 3 LPE anti-corrosion steel pipe

There are many kinds of anticorrosive coatings for anticorrosive steel pipes. Among them, 3LPE anticorrosive coatings have been widely used in the petroleum pipeline industry because of their good corrosion resistance, water permeability, and mechanical properties. The 3PE embalming steel pipe is crucial for the life of the buried pipe. Some of the same material pipes are buried underground for decades without corrosion, and some have been leaked for several years. It is because they use different outer embalming layers. Today we introduce 3LPE anticorrosive pipe.
 3 LPE anti-corrosion steel pipe
The total thickness of the 3PE antiseptic steel pipe protective layer is about 1.8-3 .7 mm. In the three-layer structure, the main function of the fused epoxy powder coating is to form a continuous coating film, which is directly bonded to the surface of the steel pipe and has good chemical corrosion resistance and anti-cathode stripping performance; Chemical bond is formed by reacting with the active group of the intermediate layer adhesive to ensure that the overall embalming layer has good adhesion at higher temperatures. The intermediate layer is usually a copolymer binder, and its main component
ispolyolefin. At present, vinyl copolymer binders are widely used. The polar functional group of the copolymer adhesive and the epoxy group of the fused epoxy powder coating can react to form hydrogen bonds or chemical bonds, so that the intermediate layer forms a good bond with the bottom layer; The Non-Polar ethylene part has a good affinity with the surface layer polyethylene, so the middle layer and the surface layer also have a good bonding performance. Mainly used for the transmission of oil and natural gas pipelines; High frequency welding pipe with spiral seam for pressure fluid transportation, welded with high frequency joint welding method, used for high frequency welding pipe with spiral seam for pressure fluid transportation. The main function of polyethylene surface layer is mechanical protection and antiseptic, and it has the same function as the traditional two-layer polyethylene antiseptic layer. Peroxic coal asphalt anticorrosive steel pipe products are boring and agile, good adhesion, flexibility, two-component packaging, Shigongfangbian. It has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance, water resistance, and oil resistance. Steel pipe has strong bearing capacity, good plasticity, and is easy to weld and process. Second, characteristics and utility: The paint summarizes the characteristics of high mechanical strength, large adhesion, corrosion resistance of chemical media, and water resistance, microorganism resistance, and plant root resistance of epoxy resin. It is a high-function anti-corrosion insulation coating. The product has outstanding chemical resistance and water resistance. It is suitable for the corrosion of oil, gas, water pipelines, tap water, gas, pipelines, refineries, chemical plants, sewage treatment plants, and pipelines. It can also be used as a corrosion protection for marine oil drilling channels and the lower water of ships. The corrosion of mines and underground equipment.

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