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Anti-corrosive spiral steel pipe

Anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas, heat, sewage treatment, water sources, bridges, steel structures, marine water transportation piling and other pipeline engineering fields. The basic process of production is as follows: the bare spiral tube is shot blasting rust removal step after intermediate frequency heating, after rust removal inspection, then heating again, spraying operation at a certain temperature, powder spraying first, then paste spraying, is the spraying of polyethylene. Strictly carry out spraying and leak collection.
 Anti-corrosive spiral steel pipe
Anti-corrosive structure of spiral steel pipe:
The anti-corrosive structure of 3pe anti-corrosive spiral steel pipe is as follows: * layer of epoxy powder (FBE > 100um), second layer of adhesives (AD) 170-250um, and third layer of polyethylene (PE) 1.8-3.7mm. The three materials are integrated into one, and are firmly combined with the steel tube to form a good anti-corrosive coating. The diameter of the pipe is between 60 and 1420.
 Anti-corrosive spiral steel pipe
Anti-corrosive medium for spiral steel pipe:
1. There are many kinds of corrosive media in anti-corrosive spiral steel pipe, such as acid, alkali, salt, oxidant and water vapor. Coatings must have chemical inertia, acid-alkali-salt corrosion resistance. Coatings should have compact structure, good waterproof penetration, strong adhesion, toughness and fullness.
2. Anti-corrosive primer for spiral steel pipe: It is composed of polyurethane polyethylene, modified epoxy resin, non-toxic anti-rust pigments, fillers, additives, etc. It is cured at room temperature to form interpenetrating network with compact structure, acid, alkali and salt resistance, excellent anti-rust performance and strong adhesion.
3. Anti-corrosive spiral pipe top coat: It is composed of epoxy, rubber resin modified, non-toxic anti-rust pigments and fillers, additives, etc. Excellent resistance to chemicals, non-toxic and anti microbial.
Precautions for anti-corrosive spiral steel pipe:
1. During construction, we should check whether groundwater and rainwater have touched the pipeline. If water has touched the pipeline, we should dry the pipeline jacket.
2. while installing pipes, it should be light weight, no impact and fall.
3. the insulation layer of the thermal insulation pipeline is prohibited from colliding with the burning fire so as to prevent the insulation layer from being burned down.
4. Pipe fittings should be stored on relatively flat ground, neat yard, yard height should not exceed 1.5 meters.

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