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Seminar on Seamless Elbow production process

In October 22, 2018, our company held a seminar on pushing seamless elbow technology. The general manager of the production department, the director of the elbow workshop, the quality engineer and the representative of the first-line production workers attended the meeting. Producing seamless elbow is the most important link in the manufacture of seamless elbow. At present, our company can reach the qualified rate of 95% semi-finished products. In order to further reduce production losses and reduce the production of finished products, the Ministry of Production plans to June 2009, the elbow finished product qualified rate to 98%.
 Seminar on Seamless Elbow production process
Seminar on Seamless Elbow production process
As a result of the meeting, we mainly mentioned that during the construction process, we found that the quality of the elbow pipe fittings arrived mainly has the following problems:
1. Uneven wall thickness of pipe fittings
The uneven wall thickness of push elbow pipe mainly occurs in the parts with the largest deformation, such as the wall thickness at the back of elbow is thinner than other parts, and the wall thickness of pipe mouth and pipe body is different. It is stipulated in the relevant national standards that it is difficult to detect such problems by ordinary measuring tools such as calipers. Only ultrasonic thickness gauge can be used to measure such problems.
2. Hardness exceeding standard
The problem of hardness exceeding the standard is mainly caused by the heat treatment process after forming. The solution is to use the correct heat treatment process and heat treatment again.
3. Defects in materials and processes
Pushing the elbow is the most harmful to the safety of the device, and it is troublesome to check it. There are many and complicated factors that cause defects, such as the defects of material itself, the problems of processing and manufacturing technology, and the defects caused by improper heat treatment process.
Seminar on Seamless Elbow production process
In order to solve these problems, the above three problems in the pushing seamless elbow technology were solved. After the meeting, the production department carried out production test and rectification, striving for an early 98% pass rate.

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