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A105 Steel Equal Tee SCH10


A105 Steel Equal Tee SCH10
With an extensive carbon steel inventory, Metleader has conducted a wide range of carbon steel pipe fittings in various sizes and pressure levels to meet your project requirements, such as A105 Steel Equal Tee Sch10, Sch20, Sch40, Std, Sch80, Sch100, XS, XXS.

A105 steel equal tee sch10 means the ASTM standard number, and a stands for ordinary carbon structural steels. Standard name: Carbon steel forgings for piping parts. Because this standard only stipulates a kind of carbon steel forgings, A105 also even a kind of forging carbon steel grade. A105 is also a kind of material code, belonging to special steel, is a cold forged steel.
A105 Steel Equal Tee SCH10
A105 steel equal tee sch10 includes thick walled and ordinary wall thickness. Thick-walled tee and ordinary wall thickness of the tee production process has a lot of similarities also have a lot of different, the same way is basically cold pull mainly, but the wall thickness of super thick also have hot pressing. Thick-walled tee and ordinary wall thickness three-pipe production process is very different. Ordinary wall thickness of the three-part of a cold pull can be made, but for example 89*8 thick wall tee once can not squeeze molding, need two times not only this two times to completely guarantee the stability of the quality, because the wall thickness of large scrap rate is also increased with the thickness of the increase. 89*10 Thick-walled tee requires 3 times to squeeze molding, and each squeeze once, it needs to be annealed, wait until the hardness reduced, internal crystallization stability and then squeeze. But before squeezing the magnetic particle flaw detection is also necessary, if has the flaw then that is the scrap one.
Chemical component of A105 steel equal tee sch10:
C:≤0.35 Si:≤0.35 Mn:0.6-1.05 S:≤0.050 P:≤0.040
Pressure rating of A105 Steel Equal Tee Sch10:
Class150, Class300, Class400, Class600, Class900, Class1500, Class2500
PN6, PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40, PN64
Sizes: 1/2-56 Inch (DN15-DN1400)
Other all Thickness: SCH 5-SCH 160