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Reducing Tee Pipe Fitting


Reducing Tee Pipe Fitting
We are the manufacturer of reducing tee pipe fitting and other kinds of pipe fittings, such as straight tee, 90D elbow, 45D elbow, 180D elbow , concentric reducer, eccentric reducer, cap and bend.
Reducing tee pipe fitting is not only used to change the direction of the pipe, but also change the diameter of the pipe, is a widely used product.
Reducing Tee Pipe Fitting
Specification of reducing tee pipe fitting:
Standards: ASTM / JIS / DIN / BS / GB/GOST
Material: carbon steel/CS/MS stainless steel/SS alloy steel
How to indicate the dimensions of equal tee or reducing tee?
For equal tee, such as "T3" tee, the outer diameter is 3 inches of equal diameter tee. For reducing tee, such as "t4x4x3.5" means a four-inch reducer with a diameter of 3.5-inch diameter tee.
Production points of reducing tee pipe fitting
Reducing tee pipe fitting processing process manufacturers know the different diameter tee process parameters are very important, reducing tee pipe fitting in the process of extrusion forming pressure too high or too low will cause bad forming, resulting in rework or scrap, reducer tee in the welding process of current, voltage, speed, etc. will directly affect the quality of welding, The push speed of the hot push tee should adapt to the heating speed of the heating to the specified temperature, otherwise it will cause the bad shape of the tee.
Production Flow chart
Reducing Tee Pipe Fitting Flow chart

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