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What are the different types of fittings?

Metleader produces and exports lots different pipe fittings. Pipe fittings is a general designation of parts which are connected, controlled, changed, diverted, sealed and supported in the piping system.There are many kinds of pipe fittings, which are classified according to the use, connection, material and processing methods.
different pipe fittings

Different pipe fittings divided by Purpose:
1. For pipes connected to each other pipe fittings are: flange, live connection, pipe hoop, card sets, throat hoop, such as cold drawn tee
2. Change the pipe direction of pipe fittings: elbow, Bend Pipe
3. Change pipe pipe diameter pipe fittings: Change diameter (different diameter pipe), different diameter elbow, support tube, reinforcement pipe
4. Increase pipeline branch of pipe fittings: tee, four-pass
5. For pipeline sealing pipe fittings: Gasket, raw material belt, line hemp, flange blind plate, pipe plugging, blind board, head, welding plug
6. For pipeline fixed pipe fittings: clasp, drag hook, rings, brackets, brackets, pipe cards, etc.
different pipe fittings
Different pipe fittings divided by connection Points
1. Welded pipe parts
2. Threaded pipe fittings
3. Card casing with neck butt welded steel pipe Flange
4. Clamp pipe fittings
5. Socket tube parts
6. Adhesive pipe parts
7. Hot melt pipe
8. Rubber ring connection type pipe fittings
different pipe fittings
Different pipe fittings divided by material
1.Cast steel pipe parts
2.Cast iron pipe welding elbow
3. Stainless steel pipe fittings
4. Plastic pipe parts
5. PVC pipe Fittings
6. Rubber Pipe 7, Graphite pipe Fittings
8. forged steel pipe parts PPR Pipe Fittings
9. PPR Pipe fittings,
10. Alloy Pipe Fittings
11.PE Pipe Fittings
12.ABS Pipe fittings

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