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welding neck flanges din 2633

welding neck flanges din 2633 is one of standard welding neck flanges.
The welding neck flange  wall thickness of the welded flange are the same as those of the pipe to be welded, and the two pipes are welded together. 
welding neck flanges din 2633
Welding neck flange din 2633 parameters 

(2) Bolt hole center circle diameter: 50mm----2130mm
(3) Bolt hole diameter: 11mm-30mm
(6) flange thickness: 12mm-58mm
(7) Outer diameter of the pipe: A (17. 2-2032MM) B (14-2020MM)
(8) Inside diameter of the flange: A (18-2036MM) B (15-2024MM)
(9) Theoretical flange weight: 0.36kg--234.6kg (DN1800) 
welding neck flanges din 2633


Welded flange is not easy to be deformed, sealed, and widely used. It has corresponding rigidity and elasticity requirements and reasonable butt weld thinning transition. The distance from weld joint to the joint surface is large, and the joint surface is not deformed by welding temperature. It takes more complicated Slack body structure, suitable for pipelines with high pressure or temperature fluctuations or high temperature, high pressure and low temperature pipelines, generally used for the connection of pipes and valves with PN greater than 2.5MPa; also used for conveying expensive, flammable and explosive Medium on the pipeline.
welding neck flanges din 2633


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