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Forging Steel Pipe Tee

It’s a good new that the customer from Thailand is satisfied with the product of forging steel pipe tee which was exported before the China lunar new year, including the high quality, strong packaging of the product and the delivery time.

As a manufacturer and exporter, we are very glad to hear that news. But this order, we can only see it’s too tense and too exciting. Our holiday date is February 15th to February 21th, the order date is February 9th and the delivery time is February 23th. The production cycle coincides with the delivery date, and all the workers are on vacation at this time. For our old customers, we must do our best to fulfill, so as not to affect customer sales and use.
Forging Steel Pipe Tee
Luckily, the goods are both conventional size and material forging steel pipe. We have a part of the inventory, only need to paint, groove and packaging on it. Another part, we contacted our best OEM, ordered a batch. The main, very thanks to our workers, give up the family reunion of the Spring Festival, overtime to complete the order. This is our company all staff service Customer spirit embodiment.

Therefore, dear customers, if you have procurement needs, you can rest assured contact us, we will provide you with the highest quality products, the best quality service, the shortest delivery time and the most favorable protection.
If you want to the information about carbon steel equal tee,you can contact us with email

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