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Raw material purchase for carbon steel pipe fittings

Our company's carbon steel pipe parts are purchased on a quarterly basis. The purchasing volume will be determined according to the export sales in previous years and the order plans of the old customers. Material selection is very important in the carbon steel pipe fittings industry, especially in iron and steel materials. There are many kinds of materials and their properties are different. Therefore, both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, or the non-metallic materials to be discussed later, will naturally have different application occasions. When selecting materials, a product will depend on the application occasions (e.g. strength requirements, strength requirements, etc.). Environmental factors, cost considerations, etc.) vary, and various materials, due to their different structures, also have their appropriate uses. Therefore, how to make the application of materials suitable for materials is the biggest criterion for material selection.
Raw material purchase for carbon steel pipe fittings
The specification of raw materials for carbon steel pipe fittings should meet the requirements:
The most basic consideration in choosing materials is to meet the characteristics and requirements of products, such as tensile strength, cutting ability, corrosion resistance, etc. Many materials seem to meet the needs of use, but if we choose materials with orthographic labels or meet national standards, such as Japan, the United States, Germany, etc., because of their chemical composition. And the mechanical properties are tested and guaranteed, so the quality will be more secure.

The cost of raw materials for carbon steel pipe fittings should be reasonable:
Price is another important factor in choosing materials. Because if the price of excellent materials is high, the cost of products will inevitably increase and competitiveness will be reduced. Therefore, if materials are not the only choice, then reasonably priced materials of the same grade or alternative development of new products are good solutions.
Raw material purchase for carbon steel pipe fittings
The quality of raw materials for carbon steel pipe fittings should be consistent:
If the product is single, there is no need to consider consistency. But if it is a mass-produced product, the supply of materials must be stable and the quality must be good. Otherwise, the return or compensation caused by the bad product may be difficult to make up for the loss of money and reputation. Therefore, at the beginning of choosing the material supply, the material must be stable. Consistency of material quality and source stability are also important considerations.

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