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What are the advantages and disadvantages of socket weld fittings?

Advantages of socket weld fittings:
There is no the problem to make the bevel end.
There is no the problem to adjust.
The welding position can be adjusted to flat welding.
Disadvantages of socket weld fittings:
• The welders should ensure that the expansion gap between the socket shoulder and the pipe is 1.6mm.
• Internal cracks and expansion gaps in the socket weld system thought can promote corrosion. It is for this reason that they are considered less suitable for radioactive or corrosive applications
• For ultra-high hydrostatic pressure in the food industry, weld socket fittings are also unacceptable. This is because apart from not allowing full penetration, it leaves cracks and gaps, which can become very difficult to clean.

For these reasons, butt weld fittings is better than socket weld fittings to be applied the pipelines with higher strength and higher compressive resistance.
Then what are the differences between socket weld fittings and butt weld fittings?
1.For socket weld fittings, the reference standard is ASME B16.11. Because the pipe can be inserted into the recessed area of the fitting do not need the preparation of bevel. This makes the installation and soldering process simple. Butt weld BW fittings, reference standard is ASME B16.9. Their ends are welded to the end of pipes and the thickness should be same as the thickness of the pipes.
2.Socket weld fittings are usually resistant to about half the strength of the butt weld fittings. Therefore, SW fittings are mainly used for small pipes with a diameter of NPS 2 or smaller. On the other hand, butt weld fittings easily help to maintain better strength which is more suitable for high temperature or high pressure piping.
3.Price is a major factor to be considered when considering to choose pipe fittings for any construction project. For the socket weld fittings, the price is much higher than with similar size of butt weld fittings. However, the additional cost associated with butt welding accessories is higher than SW fittings. This is because skilled welders and other labor costs also need to be taken into account.
socket weld fittings
Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology Inc. hope we can help you to better understand the socket weld and butt weld fittings. If you have any questions about SW accessories, please contact us.

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