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Steel pipe fittings & accessories

In the pipeline system, steel pipe fittings & accessories play an important role in conveying liquid materials. They are widely applied to oil and gas pipelines, water conservancy technology and other fields.For connecting, controlling, changing direction, steering, sealing and other functions except for the straight pipe.
Steel Pipe Fittings & Accessories Types and Applications
In order to know better about steel pipe fittings & accessories, here we classify them into different types from different sides.
• As per the types of material for industrial pipelines, the steel pipe fittings & accessories can be divided to
Stainless steel pipe fittings
Carbon steel pipe fittings (Mild steel pipe fittings)
Alloy steel pipe fittings
• As per different surface treatment, they can be divided to.
Black painting steel pipe fittings & accessories
PE coating steel pipe fittings & accessories
Galvanized steel pipe fittings (zinc coated)
• As per the type of industrial using purposes, they can be divided to
Oil and gas pipelines
Chemical plants
Food industry
Power plants
Fire sprinkler pipe fittings
• As per the types of connection, they can be divided to Butt weld type
Socket weld type
Threaded type
Flanged type
On the other side, when we discussed about steel elbows, tees, cross and reducers in the pipelines, what are they?
They are the steel pipe fittings’ name that installed exactly at the places in pipelines for playing the different actions.
How to describe a steel pipe fitting & accessories correctly?
When we place an order or make an inquiry, the sample description should be“90 degree stainless steel elbow long radius”, “carbon steel equal tee / reducing tee”, and with the other descriptions such as standards, diameters and wall thickness class, then we will know what you want to buy.
Please see some photos about steel pipe fittings & accessories:
90 degree carbon steel elbow long radius:
90 degree carbon steel elbow long radius

45 degree carbon steel elbow long radius:
45 degree carbon steel elbow long radius

Carbon steel equal tee:
Carbon steel equal tee

Carbon steel reducing tee:
Carbon steel reducing tee

Carbon steel concentric/ eccentric reducer:
Carbon steel concentric/ eccentric reducer

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