Beijing Metleader Pipeline Technology, Inc. provides a set of pipe fittings and flanges for the chemical processing and petrochemical processing industries.

Metleader pipeline manufactures and supply pipe fittings, and all kinds of flanges made from carbon steel, stainless steel, and special alloy materials.
Metleader pipeline can also provide flange and fitting solutions made of any material necessary for the application. We carry ISO 9001, CE certifications for quality, safety, and environmental protection to ensure our customers are provided with the highest quality and most reliable flange, fitting and components available. We offer complete material traceability, including record of any heat treating processes performed on the material, and 100% of all products are leak-tested at the factory. Our size and efficiency allow us to provide these premium products to our customers at the most cost competitive prices anywhere.
The function of pipe fittings and flanges in chemical processing and petrochemical processing industries is very big. Such as connecting the pipes, maintain the sealing performance of pipeline, facilitate to check , replace and close a certain pipeline.
With our flanges and fitting solutions for utility and process applications, plants and facilities can lower installation costs, improve safety and efficiency, and reduce required scheduled and unscheduled maintenance times.
Pipe fitting includes elbow, tee, reducer and cap. When the pipes need to be changed the direction elbow will be used. And when the pipes want to have branch tee can come into the play. Reducer commonly used for the connection between two pipes with different diameter. Cap is just the end of pipe. Flange is actually one kind of pipe connector which is convenient for pipe installation and repair.