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Metleader pipeline technology inc is a supplier and manufacturer of blind flange, including carbon steel blind flange, stainless steel blind flange.
The regular name of the blind flange (blind disk) is called flange (flange cover), and some are also called blind flanges or pipe jams. It is a flange with no holes in the middle, which is used for plugging the pipe mouth. Its function is the same as the head and the tube cap, except that the blind seal is a detachable sealing device, and the seal of the head is not ready to be opened again. There are many kinds of sealing surface, such as plane, convex, concave and convex surface, tenon groove surface and ring connecting surface. We sell 4 blind flange, the materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum and so on.
blind flange
We provide a series of blind flange, the use of high-quality raw materials for precision design. Our range is in line with industry standards and known exact size and durability. In addition, our blind flange can be in different specifications to accommodate different requirements of our customers.
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Using the latest technology, we offer a wide range of industrial forged flanges and pipe fittings, including slip on flanges, socket welding flanges, blind flanges, elbow, tee, reducer, cap, tube, and others in their applications in petrochemical, automotive, textile, and pharmaceutical industries. Our suppliers hold large inventory of products in the variety specifications all over the world, we can also provide customized solutions for the needs.
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