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Installation of Seamless eccentric reducer

When the seamless eccentric reducer in the installation, if found in the pipeline changes in the fluid, whether it is larger or smaller, if the speed of change is small, should use eccentric reducer.
Seamless eccentric reducer in the installation should be unavoidable in the location of the change in the gas accumulation, so as to avoid the phenomenon of cavitation.
When the pipe from top to bottom of the pump, should be in the top of the position of the seamless eccentric reducer installation.
The development of eccentric reducer is more and more rapid, the technology has great improvement and progress, and not only can promote the development of the whole industry can also drive the development and growth of many different industries, can create important value and function in the economic development.
The seamless eccentric reducer head has good toughness, good plasticity, good weld ability and corrosion resistance. In the application is, if the flow in the pipeline changes, it is necessary to use eccentric head; In the pump imports, we in order to prevent gas turbidity, but also to use eccentric reducer; The joint of the instrument should also use the eccentric reducer.

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