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galvanized carbon steel pipe flange types
Carbon steel pipe flanges have different types, WN/ SO/ Thread/ SW/ BL and LJ. Metleader as a reliable supplier of flanges, we usually adapt forging production processing. And surface treatment types include black painting, varnish, anti-rust oil and galvanized.
Galvanized carbon steel pipe flange has two types one is cold dip galvanized (CDG) the other one is hot dip galvanized (HDG). Hot dip galvanized is one production method that put the carbon  steel pipe flange in the temperature of 850 ° F in molten zinc. In the process, molten zinc and steel reaction form zinc alloy thin layer. Compared with other traditional methods, these layers provide excellent protection against corrosion. This will help increase the service life and productivity of each flange. Metleader hot dip galvanized flange and fittings with special deep stamping function for easy identification which have being sold many countries and areas.
Does Metleader provide different grades of materials for pipe flanges?
This is a very good question. A lot of people called us for flanges think that we only provide one material level of flanges. Actually we provide all kinds of material grade flanges.
The most common grade of materials is made of carbon steel. We sell carbon steel pipe flange and flange fittings. We also provide stainless steel flanges for various projects. Galvanized carbon steel pipe flange can supply water and petrochemical applications simultaneously. Flanges and forging specifications can also be made in the size of our catalogue.
The commonly used industrial flanges is galvanized carbon steel pipe flange. These industrial flanges are usually ordered for projects that require high demand for  corrosion resistance. You can get a full range of galvanized carbon steel pipe flanges by contacting us.

Many of the most recent projects we have completed require highly corrosive flanges. The most popular method of surface treatment is hot dip galvanized (HDG). This method can save a lot of cost compared with using other material flanges.
Metleader also provide common requirement is the low temperature flange manufacturing. Conventional carbon steel flanges and high yield carbon steel flanges are commonly used in modern piping infrastructure, and many are now in low temperature applications.
galvanized carbon steel pipe flange types

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