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The differences between bend and elbow

Both bend and elbows are pipe fittings used to change the direction of the pipe. There are differences between bend and elbow. The number of elbows used in major projects is much larger than that of elbows. The bend is a tube that is suitably bent to fit the application. Bend pipes are generally manufactured according to specific needs. Compared with the elbow, the elbow is longer than the elbow. R is more than 2 times that is the elbow. R=1 times to 2 times is the elbow. The following are the bends and elbows.
differences between bend and elbow
The differences between bend and elbow
1. Different production processes
In the manufacturing process of
thebend the cold-bending elbow can be made by using a pipe and directly bent by a pipe bending machine. The bend can be produced in one time, and the secondary anti-corrosion is not required, but the elbow should be customized by the manufacturer. Anti-corrosion, long ordering period.
differences between bend and elbow
2. Different prices
The price of the bend is lower than that of the elbow, but the price/performance ratio is much lower than that of the elbow. If the elbow without anti-corrosion treatment is easily damaged, everyone knows that I don’t say it, but because it is cheap. In some projects where the requirements are not very high, there are many uses.
differences between bend and elbow
3. Different application scope
In the open area, the elbows and bend are acceptable. Only the cost is considered. The curved pipe can be cold-bent, and the elbow needs to be hot. Of course, the elbow is expensive. Sometimes elbows must be used in narrow sections, such as stone
sectiontrenches, because the radius of curvature of the elbow is small, generally 6D, and the elbow is 40D. At the construction site of the construction site, whether the elbow or the elbow is used, not only the price quality of the elbow and the elbow but also the elbow or the bend should be considered.

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