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FBE coating

Fused epoxy powder coating pipe, also known as pipe with thermosetting epoxy resin, is a solid material that is transported and dispersed by air. It is applied to the surface of preheated steel products, melted, leveled and solidified. A uniform coating corrosion protection is a heavy anti-corrosion coating formed at high temperatures. The coating has the advantages of simple coating operation, no pollution, good impact resistance and bending resistance of the coating, and high temperature resistance.
Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powder Classification:

  1. According to the method of use, it can be divided into: powder for spraying in pipeline, powder for spraying outside pipeline, general powder for inside and outside pipeline. The powder for spraying outside the pipeline is further divided into: single-layer powder, double-layer powder, and three-layer structure anti-corrosion powder.
  2. According to the use, it can be divided into: powder for oil and gas pipeline, powder for drinking water pipeline, powder for fire-fighting pipeline, powder for anti-static ventilation duct of coal mine, powder for chemical pipeline, powder for oil drill pipe, powder for pipe fittings, ship pipeline Powder and high salt water heavy anti-corrosion pipeline powder.
  3. According to the curing conditions, it can be divided into two types: fast curing and ordinary curing. The curing condition of the fast curing powder is generally 230 ° C / 0.5 ~ 2 min, mainly used for pipe spraying or three-layer anti-corrosion structure, because of the short curing time, high production efficiency, suitable for assembly line operation; the curing condition of ordinary curing powder is generally 230 ° C Above /5min, due to the long curing time, the coating is well leveled and suitable for spraying in pipes.
FBE coating
Anti-corrosion method for sintered epoxy powder:

Mainlyinclude: electrostatic spraying method, thermal spraying method, suction method, fluidized bed method, roll coating method, and the like. The inner coating of the pipeline generally adopts the friction electrostatic spraying method, the suction method or the thermal spraying method; all of the spraying methods have a common feature that the workpiece needs to be preheated to a certain temperature before spraying, so that the powder melts upon contact. The residual heat should enable the coating to continue to flow, further leveling the entire surface of the steel pipe, especially in the depressions on the surface of the steel pipe, and on both sides of the weld, the molten paint flows into the flat, so that the coating is tightly bonded to the steel pipe, minimizing The pores are solidified within a specified time and finally cooled by water to terminate the curing process. Application areas: anti-corrosion of natural gas pipelines, anti-corrosion of drinking water pipelines, anti-corrosion of tap water pipes, anti-corrosion of sewage pipes and so on.
Productiondiameter : DN32-2420mm, thick wall 2-24mm.
The sintered epoxy powder is anti-corrosive and is suitable for single-layer epoxy anti-corrosion structure surface coating. Moderate curing time, smooth and smooth coating, good appearance, excellent scratch resistance and mechanical and physical properties in pipeline construction such as hoisting transportation, lower trench backfilling and crossing, especially suitable for pipeline anticorrosion. Cathodic protection and resistance to
cathodicdisbondment and corrosion resistance
Fused Epoxy Powder Preservative (FBE) is an ideal conduit for transporting oil, natural gas, salt brine, air conditioning, heating, hot water, and more. It is a must for central heating and cooling in petroleum, chemical, power plants, residential areas or office areas. The product uses a polyurethane with good thermal insulation effect as the insulation layer, and a high-density polyethylene with anti-ultraviolet material as the protective layer. The medium temperature ranges from 105 degrees to minus 30 degrees, and the loss per kilometer is 1 degree, and the service life is more than 50 years.

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