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Using of carbon steel elbows

The role of carbon steel elbows cannot be ignored
The elbow material is a carbon steel elbow called a carbon steel elbow. The carbon steel elbow is a pipe fitting that changes the direction of the pipe in the piping system. The carbon steel elbow is an elbow made of carbon steel. Low-carbon steel has good plasticity and low strength. When a proper amount of carbon is added, it becomes hard and the plasticity is reduced. Elbow joints may need to withstand high tensile, compressive, torsional, and shear strength. Carbon steel elbows are a good choice.
The elbows are divided into angles, which are commonly used in 45° and 90°180°. In addition, other abnormal angle elbows such as 60° are also included according to engineering requirements.
Elbows are made of cast iron, stainless steel, alloy steel, calcinable cast iron, carbon steel, non-ferrous
metalsand plastics. This single-sheet carbon steel elbow,
The way to connect to the
pipeis: direct welding or flange connection, threaded connection and socket connection.
According to the production process, it can be
dividedinto: welding elbows, punching elbows, casting elbows, etc.
 using of carbon steel elbows
Carbon steel pipe elbows are first divided according to their radius of curvature and can be divided into long radius elbows and short radius elbows. The long radius elbow refers to the outer diameter of the tube whose radius of curvature is equal to 1.5 times, that is, R = 1.5D. A short radius elbow means that its radius of curvature is equal to the outer diameter of the tube, ie R = 1.0D. (D is the diameter of the elbow, R is the radius of curvature. D can also be expressed in multiples.) If there are about seventeen kinds according to the pressure level, it is the same as the American pipe standard, there are: Sch5s, Sch10s, Sch10 Sch20, Sch30, Sch40s, STD, Sch40, Sch60, Sch80s, XS; Sch80, Sch100, Sch120, Sch140, Sch160, XXS, of which STD and XS are commonly used.
carbon steel elbows 
Carbon steel elbows are cheap, have high practical value, and are very popular.

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