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Packing carbon steel elbows without painting

Generally speaking, export carbon steel elbows are sandblasted, brush and typing after completion of inspection. In recent years, more and more customers have proposed to buy carbon steel elbows without painting. In fact, the elbow is almost the same without painting. Generally, the elbow can prevent rust on the surface. The elbow without painting is what it looks like and what color it is manufactured. So the elbow manufacturer can't make a fake. Now, many projects and construction sites are explaining that they need not. Painted elbows will be processed and sandblasted after arrival.
Packing carbon steel elbows without painting
Carbon steel elbows without painting, the construction period can be greatly advanced, and a part of the cost is saved. It also needs the staff to brush the paint. After brushing, it also needs to be aired. Because the paint is sticky and easy to stick to the soil outside, it needs to be aired in the workshop, and it also takes up a lot of space. Now the elbows are pushed out of what color is it.
Whatcolour is it?
Packing carbon steel elbows without painting
But there are also some shortcomings in painting. It may take a month or more for products to reach customers from completion, shipment to sea transportation. If the carbon steel elbows without painting, the customer will get the goods, and the carbon steel elbow must have rusted, but the degree of rust is different. For customers who purchase carbon steel elbows without painting, we will inform customers in advance of the problems that may arise in the goods. Only when customers approve and accept, will we sign contracts with customers for customized export.

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