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Galvanised Steel Pipe


Galvanised Steel Pipe

Big manufacturer supplies high quality galvanised steel pipe, the price is very competitive. Galvanised steel pipe is divided into two types: hot dipped galvanized and electrical galvanized. Hot dipped galvanized zinc coating, with uniform coating, strong adhesion, long service life and so on. The cost of electrical galvanized steel pipe is a little low, the surface is not very smooth, its own corrosion resistance of specific heat galvanized tube much worse.
Galvanised Steel Pipe
Specification of Galvanised steel pipe

DN INCH OD(mm) WT(mm) DN INCH OD(mm) WT(mm)
15 1/2' 21.3 1.1-2.75 90 3 1/2' 108 2.0-4.5
20 3/4' 26 1.1-3.0 100 4' 114 2.0-4.75
25 1' 33.4 1.1-3.25 125 5' 140 2.0-4.75
32 1 1/4' 42.2 1.5-3.5 150 6' 165 2.0-4.75
40 1 1/2' 48.3 1.5-3.75 200 8' 219 3.0-6.25
50 2' 60.3 1.5-4.0 250 10' 273 3.0-6.25
65 2 1/2' 76 2.0-4.0 300 12' 325 3.0-10
80 3' 89 2.0-4.0 350 14' 355 3.0-10
Main usages of Galvanised steel pipe:
Galvanized tubes are often used to loosen gas and heating, galvanized pipe layer is used as a water pipe, but after a few years to produce a large number of rust, the outflow of yellow water will not only pollute the sanitary ware, but also to the inner wall breeding bacteria. Rust also causes heavy metals in the water to exceed the standard, further endangering human health.

Process characteristics of Galvanised steel pipe:
The biggest advantage of sulfate galvanizing is that the utilization of current is up to hundred percent and the deposition rate is very fast. But because the coating crystallization is not meticulous, so the deep plating ability is poor, only suitable for the simple geometry of pipe and wire. After the improvement of the process, in the original solution also added iron salts, not only inherited the traditional sulfate zinc plating advantages, but also strengthen the ability of deep plating.
After continuous improvement, for wire and tube coating grain than before more delicate and shiny.
Test of Galvanised steel pipe
Galvanised Steel Pipe

Package and delivery of Galvanised steel pipe
Galvanised Steel Pipe