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Custom Pipe Flanges


Custom Pipe Flanges

With a wide range of industries, shops, and systems dependent upon high performance flanges, custom pipe flanges are often essential to getting a job done right. Modified and custom flanges for specialty projects can offer the same quality, inspection requirements, and performance expectations of industry standard components, but offer a particular size, material, or fit for a unique application.
Custom Pipe Flanges

Job shops specializing in custom work often stock large quantities of raw material ready to be crafted into the shape, size, and style of flange a customer requires. This includes modifications on industry standard flanges or unique shapes such as:

Square Pipe Flanges
Square OD x Circle ID Flanges
Flanges with dual bolt patterns
Flanges with spools between custom layers
Reduced Flanges (Reduced Weldnecks and Reduced Slip-ons)
Using design tools
Using design tools such as AutoCAD, flange specialists can develop prints and designs for clear, precise fabrication, no matter how specialized a project may be.

Special flanges and fittings and custom forgings can be designed to meet any number of unique specifications and standards. Some common classifications for custom pipe flanges include:
AWWA, the American Water Works Association

ASME, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ANSI, the American National Standards Institute
CL 125 Lightweight
Tube Turns
Large Industry Standard